Painter and writer Christine Arveil (MBA, Art History MA) is an internationally exhibited artist, and 30-year art manager and talent developer. Today, she partners with Benoît Rolland to run Rolland’s Bowmaking Studio.

Born in France in 1958, installed in the United States since 1997, Christine Arveil exhibited with solo shows at the Centre Pompidou-Beaubourg (1994), Regis College (2005), Massachusetts State House (2010), and appeared in medias with Strad magasine, Art New England, The Boston Globe, and the BBC radio. Today, she works on a multi-media artistic vision that brings together her fictional writing, paintings, and international outreach activities.
Allying talent development to advocacy, she helped structure the business plan, concept and outreach strategy of multiple cultural citizenship programs (Music For Food 2011-13, Dialogue 1993-95, Art et Paix 1990-94).

Christine Arveil integrates three elements in her management practice: the international dimension, an artist’s vision, and business in a multi-media environment. For 15 years, she collaborated with Benoît Rolland, on the growth of Rolland Studio and fundamental research in bowmaking.

“Because she is an artist in her own right, she was able to anticipate and understand the evolution, during the past fifteen years, of my philosophy of bowmaking as integral to music creation.” Rolland, 2015.

As a ‘catalyst’, her communication work towards the musical community increased the international reach of Benoît Rolland Bows. All the Studio communication is created in-house, pairing Benoît’s photographs with Christine’s design and texts.
As specialist of 18th century art, she leads the research effort on the 18th & 19th century French bowmaking school.
Christine structures Benoît Rolland’s legacy, securing the “Benoît Rolland” trademark, and a considerable volume of innovation intellectual property – patents, trademarks, domain names, and manufacturing licence.

Christine Arveil brings together the dimensions of international art, visual art and music, building new avenues of interaction between them.