1996-2000: Musical Instrument Finishes

During the years 1996 to 2000, Christine Arveil brought her expertise in European and Asian painting traditions to musical instruments. She retored finishes and produced original works on stringed instruments and early pianos.

  • Her harpsichords paintings show mastery in her free hand work and 22 carats gold leafing. Arveil expertly handles early painting techniques and formulas. Images either replicate the original decoration or play with archival documents toward designing new concepts. Her natural gesso, formulated after 18th century recipes, was verified to contribute to the harpsichords’sound quality.
  • On violins, she demonstrated her deep understanding of aging processes and achieved intense colors, in particular blue, that were deemed incompatible with oil varnish.
Violin -Matteo Goffriller Harpsichord -Keith Hill